Rentals for Corporate Road shows

When running a roadshow from city-to-city, you need an AV company that can be where you are. SmartSource Rentals is the right choice – we have 20 branch offices to serve you, extensive experience in roadshow services and an expansive inventory of technology rental units.

Because you can have a national contract with a local presence, here are a few key benefits to consider when selecting a rental company for an upcoming corporate roadshow:

Local Presence in Metro Areas

  • No Shipping: Speakers, sound boards and lighting can be very expensive to ship so a local rental company would be most cost effective.
  • Event Space Knowledge: Some locations may be difficult to set up or have very specific requirements therefore, local rental companies have that insider knowledge needed to do an effective job.
  • Constantly Shifting Needs: Event needs shift and rental requirements change. Therefore, a local rental company can easily adjust the rental agreement without delay.
  • Tight Timelines: Events that have very little lead time are often best served by a local rental company where delivery can be the same day.

National Rental Company

  • 21 Locations: When producing a mobile tour across the U.S., there needs to be consistency from event-to-event and only a national rental company, like SmartSource Rentals, can provide.
  • Large inventory: If your event needs iPads for every attendee or an interactive handheld device for meeting-wide polling, a national rental company can insure they have the inventory.
  • Specialized Equipment: When looking to use new technology such as, network WiFi array, touch screen monitors or charging stations, a national rental company has the equipment.

SmartSource Rentals’ experience servicing corporate roadshows and mobile tours, its expansive inventory of technology rentals and qualified staff, make it the right partner. Contact us today to learn more about our services and rental products.