Live Polling

Glisser allows you to pre-define live polls and insert them between slides (for a seamless transfer between slide and poll) or create them ‘on-the-fly’. Integrated with PowerPoint, there’s no complicated switching or changing screens necessary. You can put a poll everywhere and anywhere, and you can starting using live audience polling for free.

Live polls are pushed instantly to audience devices, and Glisser presenters receive audience poll responses continuously in real time, with no noticeable delay. Live poll results can be shown to the audience on the main screen, updating continuously, sent to audience devices, or hidden completely for feedback questionnaires.

Simple live poll setup

Drag and drop your poll question slide into place between your existing slides, or create polls in PowerPoint using our unique PowerPoint add-in. Write your question (and answers if necessary) and you’re ready to go. When you present, your polls appear in line and are instantly sent to audience mobile devices to gather their response. With the touch of one-button, results appear on the main screen.

Beautiful poll graphics

While most live polling solutions look like they took their design inspiration from the ’90s, Glisser presents gorgeous and brandable poll infographics. Background images, changeable colour formats, and the ability to add images or even sponsor logos give you full control to create visuals that reflect well on your brand.

Extensive live polling options

We understand how unique your event requirements are, so we have developed a broad range of live polling options. You can customize your poll questions in a variety of ways including: allowing for free text answers; designating questions as mandatory or skippable; permitting answers to be changed or only accepting the first answer; and determining that results should be sent to the audience, shown on the screen, or kept private.

More event feedback

Our polls double up as one of the most effective event feedback gathering tools on the market. Used little and often after each presentation, gathering audience feedback is a doddle. Why? Because we can offer the audience an incentive – those valuable slides to download – but only after they’ve answered your feedback questions.