Twitter Wall

Twitter hashtags are commonplace at live events now. Online buzz is crucial in creating that all-important FOMO, and boosting attendance at your next event. However, events don’t trend unless you encourage your audience to tweet – a live Twitter wall is one of the best ways to make that happen.

As Simple as Selecting Your Hashtag

The Glisser Twitter Wall can be switched on with one click, and your own hashtag added to determine the tweets it shows. You then have total control over when and where you display your Tweet Wall to maximise its impact.

Encourage Slides to be Shared via a Live Twitter Feed

Audience members can view the Twitter feed in the Glisser app, even if they don’t have a Twitter account. If they do, then they can connect it to Glisser and share presentation slides directly to Twitter, appended with your event hashtag. Turn your audience into your content promoters, and get that session trending.

Twitter Wall Moderation

We know that while you want social buzz, the last thing you want is someone hijacking your hashtag and filling your Tweet Wall with nonsense. With Glisser, our Twitter Wall and feed can be moderated, with Tweets blocked and archived, giving you full control of your audience content.

One Place for Engagement Analytics

Glisser pulls through all the Twitter activity around your event, based upon your hashtag, to give you all your Twitter data in the same place as your other audience interactions – questions, polls, feedback, and presentation engagement stats. One portal providing a powerful overview of audience engagement – a key indicator of event ROI.