Event Check-in and Badge Printing Software

Streamline Your Check-in and Create a Great First Impression

Manual check-in and badge printing can be a stressful process for both organizers and attendees. Pre-printing, transporting, and arranging badges on a table wastes valuable time for staff and attendees. Streamline your check-in experience and create a great first impression with Event Check-in and Badge Printing software.
Event Check-in and Badge Printing software supports both aided check-in and self check-in at event-branded kiosks. It also connects and syncs attendee lists with on-line registration partners like Eventbrite, RegOnline, and etouches.

Check-in and Badge Printing in Less than 4 Seconds

You can also check attendees in and out of sessions by scanning QR-coded badges with an iOS device or Bluetooth scanner. With features like on-site badge printing in less than 4 seconds and VIP arrival notifications via email or SMS, you can whisk attendees seamlessly through the check-in process and make sure VIPs get the attention they require. You can even customize event badges with your logo, QR codes, and other branding elements.

Document ROI with Sophisticated Reporting Tools and Real-Time Reports

In today’s data-driven business environment, you need as much data as possible and the ability to analyze it to optimize event performance and document ROI. Event Check-in and Badge Printing software provides a rich set of data and a sophisticated reporting tool to create real-time and post-show reports.

Product Sheet

Check-in experience

  • One-tap event check-in with the ability to search registration list by name, email, or company
  • Quick session check-in/check-out with QR code scan via iOS device or other Bluetooth scanner
  • VIP arrival notification via email or SMS
  • Auto-print and fast check-in mode

Kiosk-based registration and self check-in

  • Branded kiosk screen
  • Access to only features required for self-registration and check-in
  • Ability for attendee to review and personally change info
  • Ability to collect attendee signatures and pictures for added security
  • Badge printing

On-site badge printing

  • Ability to brand the badges with logo, images, and other branding elements
  • Manual or auto-print
  • Easy to edit registration details and reprint
  • Thermal printers: fast, worry-free badge printing
  • Print badges in less than 4 seconds

Reporting tools and real-time reports

  • Attendee check-in times
  • Walk-in registrants
  • And more