Technology Rentals for Emergency Response

Quickly Gear-up Command Centers, Responders, and Back Office Operations

When natural disasters or emergency incidents happen, incident management teams immediately spring into action and response time is critical.  These inter-agency emergency response efforts are complex operations that require the rapid deployment of sophisticated IT infrastructures.

From full-blown command centers to mobile devices for responders, SmartSource can quickly equip your incident management teams with the custom-configured rental equipment they need to hit the ground running.  All our equipment is fully tested to deliver the reliability demanded in life and structure threatening emergency response situations.

Eliminate Procurement Red Tape Delays

SmartSource is an approved vendor with many Federal, State and local governments. We have a Inter-Agency Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) in place with the USDA and USDOI. We also offer a Commercial Price List and take credit card payments where quick action is needed by agencies who don’t have existing agreements or need a rapid procurement process.

Provide Your Response Teams with State-of-the-Art Equipment and Software

SmartSource has the largest technology inventory in the business including: ruggedized iPads, laptops, printers, and MFP’s, from premium brand manufacturers like HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Apple.  SmartSource is also an Authorized Microsoft Rental Company with a complete rental inventory of Microsoft software products.

Track Record Supporting Emergency Response Agencies

SmartSource Rentals has a 19 year track record of success in providing technology rentals to emergency response agencies, including the National Interagency Fire Center and the US Forest Service. Recognizing that the demand for Emergency Command Center (ECC) technology would vary from one month to the next during wildfire season, SmartSource Rentals devised a scalable program that would ensure the availability of ECC technology, while also reducing IT labor costs for the agencies. Read about this story.

Customer Service and Tech Support from a Nationwide Network

Leverage the nationwide, coast-to-coast SmartSource footprint and the largest technology rental inventory in the country. We can design and deliver custom, cutting edge technology rental solutions for any size team (from 1 to 1,000), and we back it up with 24/7, US-based tech support. In rare cases of hardware failure, we get replacements onsite quickly – usually within one business day.

Flexible Rental Agreements and Customized Invoicing

The combination of SmartSource Rental’s flexible rental agreements, real-time asset management, customized invoicing, and customized reporting makes it easy for you to manage, administrate and maintain control of your IT emergency response needs.