Technology Rentals for the IT Staffing Industry

IT organizations are under pressure to make their companies faster and more agile, while at the same time controlling costs. As a result, many industries utilize flexible, temporary, or seasonal staffing models, with fluctuating demands for short term IT equipment rentals.

SmartSource has the largest technology inventory in the business including: desktops, laptops, servers, networking, and peripherals from premium brand manufacturers like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple and Microsoft. SmartSource is also an Authorized Microsoft Rental Company with a complete rental inventory of Microsoft software products.

Quickly Deliver Fully Equipped IT Staff with Helpdesk Support

With technology rentals from SmartSource, you can quickly supply your IT staffing teams with the equipment they need to hit the ground running. Our technology rental equipment is configured and tested to deliver the levels of uptime and reliability demanded by today’s IT organizations. We also offer:

Flexible Rental Agreements and Customized Management Reports

Keeping up with rapidly changing personnel and equipment requirements can be a complex task. The combination of SmartSource Rental’s flexible rental agreements, real-time asset management and customized invoicing enables you to meet your clients’ changing IT staff needs, as well as optimize your margins. We’ll help you eliminate billing errors and the unnecessary expense of rental equipment that isn’t promptly returned when staffing assignments end.

SmartSource Makes It Easy and Worry Free

SmartSource is more than a just a rental vendor. We’re a partner in your success – a single source with end-to-end responsibility for configuration, testing, set-up, support, replacement (if required), and asset tracking.

Experienced SmartSource personnel are with you every step of the way. Our IT technicians can provide custom imaging services where required. They also configure and rigorously test all rentals in our shop before shipping, so your personnel can get up and running on day one.

Industry-Leading Customer Service and Tech Support from a Nationwide Network

Our coast-to-coast network can ship and support technology rentals from many of our 20 locations. We can build technology rentals for any size IT staff with the number of units and configurations you need. In case of problems that can’t be fixed by phone or remote access, we provide on-site replacement in hours, not days.


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