Legal Technology Rentals

Dedicated Teams Nationwide

As a law or legal services firm professional, you may need to rent computer, office, or audio visual equipment on a temporary basis from time to time. Regardless of the size of your firm, SmartSource Rentals can design the right technology solution for all your legal needs.

And because last-minute delivery and setups can be very challenging at times, SmartSource leverages its 18 warehouses nationwide – all with dedicated technical teams – to ensure your setup deadlines and last-minute changes are met.

We take pride in client focus, teamwork, and expertise, and these are at the heart of our core values.

Document Review

SmartSource is familiar with and has worked in many off-site business centers and locations nationwide where your reviews may take place. They often involve specific technology issues:

Project Training. Projector rentals and microphone setups are available for training prior to the start of your project

Block social media and other prohibited websites. By using customized software, we’ll set up computers so that only permissible websites can be viewed.

War Room Rental Setups

We understand that the right equipment and attention to your needs are essential for managing an efficient war room.

  • We rent computers, printers, copiers, and other office equipment for legal teams of all sizes.
  • With 24/7 nationwide technical support, our experienced teams can accommodate last-minute changes and additions.

Litigation & Courtroom Support

  • We’ll arrive early. We understand the importance of arriving to a courthouse early to scan equipment into the courthouse.
  • Pre-staging. We’ll come before the court date to test, tape down cables, and place equipment. In addition, we’ll have extra projection screens on hand to ensure that the size is best for the courtroom.
  • Setup. We are cognizant of technology issues specific to courtroom setups and will set up required LCD projectors to properly display legal documents. And because we have offices nationwide, we can reschedule with short notice should the pre-arranged date not work out.