Offering Rentals for Tech Company Event

Technology companies are constantly under the gun to showcase innovative, interactive and quality digital solutions at their trade shows, meetings and special events. In addition, when software updates need to be tested or programmers hired for a short period of time, it is probably in the organization’s best interest to rent computer equipment for a period of time rather than purchase it.

SmartSource Rentals understands this need and has the IT and digital data management solutions that can fit this bill. Because we are a national technology company with multimillion-dollar computer and audiovisual rental inventory and experienced professionals to support it, we are the vendor of choice for organizations that are looking for interactive technology rental equipment.

SmartSource Rentals’ solutions include:

From the heart of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley to the New York City tech scene and everywhere in between, SmartSource Rentals has nationwide reach, in-house inventory and expertise to meet the needs of both small- and medium-sized technology companies. Our experts work with these organizations to make certain we understand your needs and provide the right combination of rental equipment and services for your organization.

Contact SmartSource Rentals today to get a quote and let our experts work with your organization on your next major event!