Brochures, Product & Solution Sheets

Business Solutions: An Overview of SmartSource Rentals and our Business Solutions

Trade Show Solutions: An Overview of SmartSource Rentals and our Trade Show Solutions

Professional Conference Solutions: An Overview of SmartSource Rentals and our Professional Conference Solutions

Event Technology Solutions: One Page PDF  Highlighting Technology Solutions for Events & Conferences

Specialty Product Guide: An Overview of SmartSource Specialty Products & Solutions



Create a Multi-Sensory Experience with AV and Other Strategies: A 4-Step Path to Knocking Some Sense into Your Next Event

A Guide to Procuring Temporary Staffing, Equipment, or Workspace



Personalizing the Event Experience Through Technology: How to Use Technology to Truly Engage and Create an Attendee-Centric Event

Copiers: Rent, Buy or Lease?  Demystifying the Economics of Copiers and Multi-Function Printers in Temporary or Open-Ended Business Environments

Outsourcing vs. Do-It-Yourself: How Procuring Subscription-Based Hardware and Software for IT , Legal and Accounting Staffs Gives You an Edge Over Competition

The Nuances of Negotiating AV Services with a Hotel: There a number of steps meeting planners can take to ensure they obtain the most favorable terms regarding the use of a preferred AV contractor.

The Economics of Renting vs. Buying: How Renting Computers and Office Equipment Simplifies the Procurement Process and Improves Profitability

General Sessions That Inspire: The Technology and Expertise it Takes to Wow an Audience

Next Generation Exhibit Design & Content Distribution: How Today’s Trends Compare with the Past and the Evolving Role of Technology in Trade Show Booths


Case Studies

IAEE EXPO! EXPO! Annual Meeting and Exhibition: SmartSource creates a dramatic impact with a large, custom LED solution while accommodating space and budgetary challenges.

U.S Forest Service:  Read how SmartSource devised a scalable program that would ensure the availability of technology while also reducing IT equipment costs for  federal & local government agencies.

TUG: Read how SmartSource implemented a solution that provided attendees with fully-imaged computers for a hands-on training session.

Raymond James:  With approximately 4000 attendees. the ELEVATE conference spans several rooms with about 130 presentations. In this case study, read how SmartSource established a centralized presentation room that allowed for simultaneous control of event presenters throughout 12 rooms.

Gramercy Tech: Read how SmartSource helped Gramercy Tech create a pop-up learning arcade to train, track and entertain 3,000 sales agents on their latest product.

Emergency Command Center: SmartSource devises a scalable program to ensure the availability of Emergency Command Center technology, while also reducing IT labor costs for the agencies.



Get to Know SmartSource Rentals: View our business, trade show and conference solutions in action, working across one company.

beMatrix LEDSkin Video Wall

Hightop Table Charging Station with Bluetooth charging pad

58″ Innovate Digital Kiosk

55″ Innovate Edge 4K Touch Table

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