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SmartSource has a vast inventory of iPad rentals and tablet rentals that deliver the software, apps, and documents that create effective meetings and presentations. Rent iPads & tablets to present information at your trade shows, conventions, and corporate events or for other uses including product demonstrations, employee training, or strategic planning.

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Implementing iPad rentals at your next trade show booth, conference, sales meeting, or training session allows you to distribute information, promote networking, and facilitate learning at a level that folders, printed handouts, and white boards simply can’t match.
Our iPad Rental Options Include:

Keep Attendees Connected

For exhibitors or event organizers, SmartSource iPad rentals help engage visitors, employees, or prospective customers. Attendees are noticeably more engaged when they are connected to presentations, content, demonstrations, information, and networking opportunities through interactive devices. An iPad rental has a user-friendly interface and convenient size that makes them ideal for any event.

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