27″ Giant iTab

Everything You Love About the 42″ Giant iTab
– Only Smaller

This award-winning kiosk works in the exact same way as its larger counterpart, but it is small enough to be positioned on a podium, counter or desktop to provide easy-to-access marketing information where space or budget may be limited or where multiple units are required in a number of locations.

Landscape or Portrait Versatility

The 27″ Giant iTab incorporates an enclosure designed to recreate the look of a smartphone and which incorporates a desk stand offering turn and tilt capacities to suit landscape and portrait applications for clients of all heights. It includes a 10 point multi-touch projected capacitive touch interface empowering it to precisely recreate the control inputs utilized on a cell phone or tablet including all touch, drag and multi-touch controls.

Unlike other solutions, the 27 ” Giant iTab runs native variants of Android or Windows and works as a genuine standalone device, not needing to depend on an interconnected smartphone or tablet. It can use any free or paid applications accessible through Google Play or the Windows Marketplace. An iOS adaptation of the Giant iTab is additionally accessible however your applications must be pre-loaded prior to delivery.

Recommended Uses

Giant iTabs are ideal for tradeshows and conferences to show ‘Info Points’ for presenting event information. They can also be used as a Hotel and Office ‘Digital Concierge System’ for local area and travel information.





Spec Sheet

Product Demo

  • Full Smartphone surround for extra kiosk styling, cable management and PC security
  • Built-in camera for use with photo booths, Instagram and Snapchat
  • Simple-to-use rotation for presenting content in both portrait ans landscape aspect ratio

What can I use a Giant Smartphone for?

Our Giant iTabs are used for a number of different applications by clients across all industries. Across the exhibition floor our Giant Smartphones are used for everything from Interactive Digital Concierge points and wayfinders through to demonstration tools on individual exhibition stands.
Show attendees love the interactive and intuitive user experience of the Giant iTab. On show stands our customers use a Giant iTab to showcase their very best digital content to prospective customers. Everything from the newest apps, websites, interactive media and video content is supported allowing a highly effective platform to present and engage with stand footfall.
In our customers offices Giant iTabs are popular amongst internal and external stakeholders alike. Our Giant Smartphones are particularly popular with Sales, Marketing and IT with each using them for different applications to add value to a business. Sales & Marketing love using cutting edge technology – something that has resulted in a significant number of client wins. In-house IT teams use the Giant iTabs for web & beta testing on mobiles.

What operating system comes on the Giant iTab?

Our Giant iTabs can run either iOS or Android operating systems. It can also be used to run both iOS & android where two separate PC’s are used, one for each Mobile Operating System

Can you plug in printers and cameras?

Yes. Our Giant iTab supports a range of peripheral devices on our unique Android solution. We have run everything from external cameras, printers, payment devices and barcode scanners to name a few.
Our 27” Giant Smartphone also features a built in camera.

Do you need internet and power?

Maybe. Our Giant iTabs run off a standard power socket. Our Giant iTabs are compatible with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections.
Internet connectivity is only a requirement if the content is web based. We have customers who run offline content. On the show floor we always recommend a hard wired (Ethernet) internet connection as show Wi-Fi can often be unreliable.

Do you connect to a mobile phone?

No. Our Giant iTabs run both Android and iOS natively. Using our proprietary iTab Core we have built our own Android operating system so we can leverage all of the functionality of the smartphone experience. Our proprietary iOS solution allows us to install the apps directly onto the device as well without mirroring from a mobile phone.
As we run this content natively users can enjoy a seamless experience when interacting with the device. We have designed our products around user experience, and it is why our customers keep coming back to us year after year.

Does it have Bluetooth?

Yes. Our iTab Cores are 802.11ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5.8GHz) certified and support Bluetooth V 4.0.
Our iOS solution is 802.11ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5.8GHz) certified, however Bluetooth is not supported.


What sort of touchscreens do you use?

Our Giant iTabs use only the very best in touch technology. We use projected capacitive (pro-cap) touch screens, the same technology that powers the screens on your own smart phones.
Our touch screens enjoy 10-point touch, and the same pinch to zoom and flick functionality that has become ubiquitous with smartphones. We also enjoy exceptional image quality as there are no additional filters or layers to sit over the touch screen.
This means your touch experience is smooth, responsive and crystal clear when using a Giant iTab.


Can I make calls?

Maybe. While you can’t make phone calls on a Giant iTab it is possible to use 3rd party messaging apps like Skype, WhatsApp and Viber to make audio and video calls.


Screen Size27"; 68.6cm
Aspect Ratio16:9
Native resolutionFull HD 1080p, 1920 x 1080
Brightness250 cd/m2 with touch panel
Advanced contrast12 000 000 : 1 ACR
Response time5ms
Display colour16.7 million
Blue Light Reduceryes
Touchtechnologyprojective capacitive, multitouch (10 compatible touch points - HID, only with supported OS), activated by finger
Touch Points10
Max. non-stop operating time24 hours/day, 7 days/week
OrientationPortrait or Landscape
EnclosureWhite Acrylic with Brush Metal Edging
Height AdjustmentNone
CertificationsCE Certified
Operating SystemAndroid / iOS
PeripheralsAndroid Solution Only
AccessoriesFlight Cases
Warranty1 Year / 3 Years with Giant iTab Support Plan
Dimensions L 81cm x W 7cm x H 44.2cm