Charging Station Rentals

Supercharge Your Next Event with a Charging Station from SmartSource

Attendees today are totally dependent on their mobile devices to stay connected. Phone charging station rentals provide attendees with a convenient way to get the power they need to stay connected. They also provide organizers and exhibitors with a captive audience and an effective platform to engage them with rich, interactive content.

Organizers: Increase Revenue and Improve Traffic with SmartStation™ Charging Stations

Our cell phone charging stations let you drive additional revenue by offering an innovative in-booth rental for your exhibitors as well as common area sponsorship opportunities. These phone charging stations combine traditional branding options with the flexibility of digital signage and are ideal for:

Exhibitors: Drive Higher Levels of Engagement and Improve Conversion Rates

SmartSource’s cell phone charging stations can increase booth traffic and give you more time with your prospects.  With several touch screen sizes available,

SmartSource® Charging Stations let you deliver targeted messaging to prospects using a highly engaging format while they wait for their device to charge.


Need Help Deciding Which Charging Station is Right for Your Event?

Use our cell phone charging station comparison chart to help you decide!

For more information, view our Charging Stations & Kiosks product sheet.

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