SmartStation™ Select Charging Station

Turn Charging Time into Productive Time

Whether conference attendees are keeping up with emails or downloading apps and content, they have to stay connected via their mobile devices. When the low battery light comes on, the hunt for a quick charge begins. You can take advantage of otherwise unproductive charging time by using SmartStation™ Select Charging Stations to deliver relevant content and collect valuable data.

Placing the SmartStation Select Charging Stations in key locales helps keep attendees close to the exhibits and speaker sessions and prevents them from wandering off looking for an outlet to charge their mobile devices. With an integrated Windows computer and full keyboard, the SmartStation Select Charging Station lets you present a variety of interactive information and gather data from a captive audience, such as:

Cell Phone Charging Station Comparison Chart

Custom Artwork

Download the following files if you wish to have your own artwork/branding on this charging station.
Graphics Request Form
Artwork Template
  • 15-inch LCD touch screen
  • Integrated Windows® computer
  • Dual-speaker audio
  • Multi-device charging station charges 8 devices simultaneously
  • Compatible with 98% of smartphone devices
  • Includes Apple, USB, and Micro USB charging tips
  • Easy to install
  • Plugs into standard 110-120v power outlet
  • Draws less power than 2 desktop computers