LED & LCD Rentals

Engage & Make an Impact

If your business regularly attends trade shows or corporate events, then you know the impact an attractive big screen trade show display can make. SmartSource has thousands of LED and LCD display rentals in a variety of brands and sizes available for delivery to major hubs such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, and the NYC area, through our office locations nationwide. Our sales team can work with you to match the right display rental to your specific needs for screen size, resolution, high definition, inputs, and other necessities.

Display rentals, such as an LCD or LED display rental, are a great way to present business and/or customer information at your office or business event. Renting allows you to get the most current technology without the demands of transporting or upgrading equipment. Let us focus on delivering cutting-edge equipment directly to your location, so you can focus on the things that really matter to your industry.

SmartSource stocks the highest-quality and most current trade show display rentals, including our popular 42” and 65” displays, and we continually upgrade with new models to ensure the sharpest & cleanest images. SmartSource also rents dual and single post stands, as well as external speakers, to complement your presentation.

For the biggest impact, check out our popular video wall rental, which combines display panels to suit your specifications and desired effect.