Rent Sound Shower Directional Speakers for Trade Shows, Conventions & More

Engage your Audience with Focused Sound

Finally, there’s a way to deliver great audio in a noisy trade show or convention environment! Based on Panphonics “plane wave” technology, our award-winning Sound Shower® Directional Speaker Systems can create a “shower of sound” that produces highly-focused and amplified audio, tailored specifically to be heard only by visitors within a controlled listening area.

In the past, trade show exhibitors had limited choices for delivering clear audio in a noisy environment. They could use headphones, which are cumbersome to use and greatly limited the number of listeners. Or they could just “turn up the volume” on conventional speakers—often making it impossible for anyone to hear anything as sound from one presentation bled over into adjoining areas.

Now, these new Directional Speakers give trade show exhibitors the ability to “aim” their audio message directly at their visitors or to attendees standing in any targeted area – and keep the noise level DOWN in adjacent areas.

In today’s competitive world, you need every advantage possible to get your message across, and your trade show booth needs the clearest possible audio to deliver that message. At last, there’s a way to get your audio materials heard, without creating noise that hampers your networking! Let SmartSource Rentals help you plan out an ideal audio set-up for your next convention or trade show booth!

The Sound of the Future

At the core of the technology is a group of flat, lightweight electrostatic loudspeakers and microphones that work together to create a focused, highly directional “shower” of sound, that not only offers the best possible audio experience for its specified listeners, but that also reduces the audio disturbance to other guests and exhibitors.

A Sound Shower® solution can be designed with multiple speakers to create isolated listening areas for one or two people in an area as small as 4-feet by 4-feet in front of single LED display or Kiosk – or a solution can be designed to fill a much larger area that might be 40-feet by 40-feet in size, suitable for an live audience of more than 100 people in a general presentation area.

Furthermore, the Directional Speakers contain a unique microphone and amplifier that listen to and automatically respond to the level of ambient noise—literally adjusting the volume of the listening experience based on the conditions in the room! This technology is perfect for trade shows and conferences, in addition to busy meeting venues and temporary exhibits.

Old technology traditional speakers disperse sound in all directions—even backwards—causing a muffled sound with wasted, dissipated noise. Directional Speakers deliver clear and targeted sound, even within the noisiest environments, and none of the sound is wasted by spilling over or disturbing surrounding areas.

Our Directional Speaker rentals provide:

  • Clean and crisp audio with unsurpassed clarity
  • Highly targeted sound with no spill-over into extending areas
  • Stylish and ultra-thin silhouettes
  • Powerful sound pressure, even with the heaviest background noise
  • Easy installation and light weight
  • Multiple installation options, including overhead, wall-mounted or pole-based
  • High reliability
  • Remarkable success rate, even in adjacent booths as small as 10×10 feet
  • Volume control automatically responding to ambient noise

Ideal for trade show booths, interactive kiosks, digital signage displays and much more, Directional Speakers ensure that your message is heard—loud and clear!

Be heard above the crowd at your Trade Show!

SmartSource Rentals can provide and support any trade show booth technology needs, from interactive kiosks, projection systems, digital signage displays, directional speakers, and video wall rentals, to cell phone charging stations and iPads. With the right technology, you can create the most informative and engaging trade show booth possible.

Partner with SmartSource Rentals, and let us use our technology expertise and network of nationwide locations to your advantage. Contact us to request a quote or locate your local SmartSource Rentals branch today!