32″ & 55″ Mirror Display

Captivating Mirror/Digital Signage Display

Mirror Display combines the power of digital signage with the visual clarity of a standard mirror to create a more engaging customer experience. The display’s high (55%) reflectance portrays both mirror imagery and complementary content with minimal visual impairment. Through improved visual accuracy, the Mirror Display serves as a persuasive and informative sales tool.

While providing customers with immediate access to real-time information, shoppers can make more informed purchasing decisions. Ideal for fashion, cosmetic, fitness and retail settings, the display delivers relevant promotional content while additionally serving as a standard reflection mirror. This hybrid signage can perform as a standalone replacement for a traditional mirror, enabling managers to upgrade their current mirrors without requiring extra space or impeding customer needs.


Spec Sheet
  • Superior content visibility through a polarized film composition and elevated transparency (90 percent) and reflectivity (55 percent)
  • A sleek, bezel-free design featuring a seamless front glass panel and metallic side frame
  • A convenient proximity sensor that automatically transitions between a standard mirror and promotional display as customers navigate the storefront
  • An easy-to-use signage alternative featuring built-in WiFi and mobile device-compatible content management tools
  • 2 sizes available – 32″ & 55″