Trade Show Internet

Boost your Internet at Trade Shows

Smart Source Rental’s Trade Show Internet service offers a completely self-contained ‘Internet-in-a-box’ kit that provides secure, broadband Internet access that can be used at any hotel or convention center in the U.S.

Our unique ‘Internet-in-a-box’ kit is so easy to use that in just a few minutes you can setup an Internet connection for all your wired and wireless devices with unlimited usage and nothing to download, install, or program. This gives you the flexibility of Internet access wherever you need it at a price that can be much less than the in-house rates at many trade shows and conventions.

How Does the Internet Kit Work?

  • Use the included quick start guide to plug in your router, modem, and antenna for easy setup in just 2 minutes with no software or downloads.
  • Connect all wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) devices.
  • Maintain your security for wireless devices by entering the network password provided.

That’s it – you are now connected to the wireless 3G broadband Internet. Go ahead and check your email and surf the web with no usage limits.

Need WiFi Beyond your Booth?

When you need WiFi that goes beyond your booth then SmartSource’s high performance long range wireless router is the solution. Our long range router provides reliable WiFi for 1,000’s of users simultaneously while providing wired-like performance – all from a company with more than 30 years of experience.

SmartSource Rentals’ experience servicing trade show and conference along with its expansive inventory of technology rentals and qualified staff, make it the right partner. Contact us today to learn more about our services and rental products.