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Engage Your Audience with a Video Wall

Video walls create large, eye-catching digital signage and backdrops that command attention in any environment. Created by seamlessly stacking LCD screens or LED tiles, they can be configured in a variety of sizes and shapes to display one large image or multiple images.

Cut through the Clutter, Captivate Your Audience, and Drive Traffic
No need to struggle for visibility in today’s cluttered event environments. The large, vibrant images on video walls get noticed from long distances and immediately grab the attention of anyone within line of sight.

The large viewing area and multi-image capability of video walls provide a highly engaging platform to drive your message home. By displaying full-motion video, animation, still photos, and graphics at resolutions up to 1080p and 4K, LED video walls provide a powerful digital canvas to articulate your value proposition and entertain audiences.  View examples of  our video walls.

Dazzle Audiences in a Variety of Environments
Using LCD screens or LED tiles as building blocks, the spatial design possibilities are limitless. From simple 2×2 grids, to large stage backdrops, to tunnels and a wide variety of other shapes, video walls can be configured for almost any exhibit environment.

Event Solutions                 Business Solutions
•Corporate events              •Lobbies
•Trade shows                      •Conference rooms
•Conferences                      •Customer presentation centers
•Theater presentations     •Permanent exhibits and displays
•Digital signage                  •Broadcasts

SmartSource Makes It Easy and Worry-free
SmartSource is with you every step of the way. An experienced SmartSource Solutions Architect helps your designers choose the best video wall technology, and determine the optimal configuration to get the most impact. In addition, an experienced SmartSource Project Manager can help you with content management and keep your project on time and on budget – handling all of the details so you can focus on your message and your audience.

SmartSource video wall technicians configure, calibrate, color correct, and rigorously test all LED video wall rentals before they’re shipped – dramatically reducing on-site set-up time and cost, as well as ensuring everything works flawlessly when your event starts. For live shows, experienced video technicians can be on-site to handle all of your switching needs.

Industry Leading Customer Service and Tech Support from a Nationwide Network
Our coast-to-coast network can ship video walls from many of our 20 branch locations. We can build as many walls as you need, in any size and configuration you need. We also provide quick on-site replacement. Our experienced professionals offer complete technical support pre-show and on-site. With over 30 years of experience, we have intimate knowledge of the ins and outs and key personnel at most of the major US event venues.

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