beMatrix 2.5mm LEDskins®

beMatrix LEDskins

The LED wall that fits seamlessly to the beMatrix concept and its frames

LEDskin® transforms your beMatrix stand into a real hotspot, full of animation, movement and great feeling. Through LEDskin®, beMatrix has once again created a revolution in the world of stand building. From now on – and in the blink of an eye – you can combine LED cabinets and frames to create an impressive video wall. And they can be integrated seamlessly into a new or existing beMatrix stand. This means you can avoid separate display screens, which so often are a disruptive element in a sleek stand design. You are also not limited to the maximum (standard) dimensions of individual display screens. Instead, you can turn the whole thing into a totally seamless video wall.

With LEDskin®, your stand really comes to life, attracting visitors from far and wide. You can’t beat catchy video images, all sorts of animations or moving graphic elements.

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